what does it mean to be a member of our woodworking guild?

Being a member of our Guild means contributing to a larger community of LACS members. Participation involves volunteering to help with LACS shows, sales, and other activities. Every member is required to donate items for our annual Fall Sale in order to raise funds for LACS. Membership also requires regular attendance at our once-monthly meetings, along with an annual payment of $100 (primarily meant to offset the cost of shop maintenance).

In exchange for these contributions, members enjoy access to the shop and tools, along with discounts on all of LACS classes. Most importantly, members enjoy the privilege of sharing ideas and knowledge with a talented group of individuals in an environment that fosters creativity and excellence in craft.

Woodworkers Guild membership is open to adults with a reasonable level of woodworking experience and is subject to guidelines specified in the Woodworkers Guild Membership Packet. All new members are required to demonstrate safe and proficient use of the equipment before receiving unrestricted use of the shop.



these are the steps to becoming a member of our guild

  • Contact the LACS office at WoodworkersGuild@LACSMA.org, Tel: 781-862-9696, to request an application packet  
  • Complete and submit the application
  • Attend a brief orientation session
  • Pay Society and Guild membership dues.
  • Go through a shop orientation session and then begin the process of working with mentors, to learn how to use the major power tools properly and safely.
  • Attend a monthly meeting (held the 2nd Thursday of each month).


mentors and Sponsors

Mentors are experienced members of the Woodworkers Guild who have offered to oversee new members until they have attained full member status. Their primary purpose is to train members, new and old, on the proper use and safety of particular tools that our shop contains.

In addition, each new member is assigned a Sponsor who is a Full Member of the Guild. The Sponsor may or may not be a qualified Mentor (see below) but, rather, will provide general support to the Probationary member during the first several months of membership, facilitating his/her contact with Mentors, as needed, and giving encouragement as that member works to attain Full Membership.

For more detailed information on the Mentorship program click on the link.