The Lexington Woodworkers Guild exists to foster the art and craft of woodworking among its members, who come from Lexington and other towns near and far. Our well-equipped shop is where we come together to encourage and learn from each other in designing and building woodwork that is functional, beautiful, and expressive. Through mentoring, shared projects, and challenging each other to higher standards, we build a community of people who love wood and woodworking.

What does it mean to be a member?

The Woodworkers Guild, has been in existence for over three decades with more than 60 members. Membership offers many advantages to the reasonably qualified woodworker. Participants with a wide range of capabilities benefit from both social interaction and sharing of expertise. The Guild maintains a well-appointed shop with all the stationary woodworking equipment that an amateur at any level could require. Cost of membership is nominal, while the primary requirements for a new member’s acceptance are woodworking competence and a willingness to participate in Guild and Society activities.


what skills are necessary?

The Guild does not offer any formal training so prospective members should have some familiarity with power tools (classes are often available at various high schools or other similar facilities). All new members are required to demonstrate safe and proficient use of the equipment before receiving unrestricted use of the shop. The guild prohibits shop use by anyone that would employ the facility as part of his or her professional woodworking or related activities. The shop equipment is adequate for casual use but is not designed for the heavy-duty needs of professionals.

Guild Responsibilities


Annual Fall Fair

Once each year, the Society holds a sale for the purpose of raising money for the building upkeep and supplies. Woodworkers are each expected to donate a minimum of $75 worth of handcrafted items. Most members contribute items whose aggregate value is in excess of this amount. If this is not possible, Guild members are responsible for making a $75 donation to the Society, due by the end of the first week of November. In addition, Guild members are responsible for volunteering in association with the sale.


Guild Facility Improvement and Upkeep

Day to day upkeep and tidiness of the Woodshop is the member’s responsibility. Woodworkers are responsible for keeping the room functional and safe and should leave the workshop cleaner than when they found it.


Monthly Meetings

Woodworkers should plan on attending the monthly Guild meeting, held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30pm (except in July and August) in the shop or the seminar room.


Tool Regulations

A new member of the Guild is permitted unrestricted access to the shop and power tools only after being checked out by a Mentor. All tools are used at the user’s risk.

Society Responsibilities

Guild members are, first and foremost, members of the Lexington Arts & Crafts Society. In addition to sharing in Guild responsibilities, they are required to participate at the Society level, including committees and assisting at annual events such as the Fall Fair and the Holiday Marketplace.

Housekeeping and Etiquette

Shop Area

  1. When using the shop for any reason, Guild members must sign in to the log book with the date, time-in, time-out, and the equipment used.
  2. Guild members should sweep and vacuum the work area(s) and the equipment used and note any irregularities with equipment in the log book.
  3. A Guild member should advise all members via email if they volunteer to be present for a new member without key access.
  4. Guild members should use the vacuum system throughout the shop as it will prevent buildup of saw dust on equipment and work areas. When using the vacuum system in conjunction with power equipment that will be creating large amounts of sawdust – members should check the accumulation container after they are done working and empty it. This will be demonstrated to you during your shop orientation by the Shop Chairman.
  5. When using the Saw-Stop table saw, router, band saw, lathes, or table sander, Guild members are responsible for providing their own saw blades, router bits, sand paper, etc. This will also be covered during Orientation.

Dues and Fees

Lexington Arts & Crafts Society is a non-profit organization and annual membership dues and event fees (for the Annual Fall Fair, Holiday Marketplace, etc.) are nominal. It is important that Guild members meet their financial obligations promptly (within 15 days of their due date). Otherwise penalties will be assessed and loss of membership may occur.



As a non-profit organization, LACS relies almost exclusively on its own member- ship for participation. Guild members are expected to volunteer on at least one Society Committee as well as a minimum of 15 hours per year of their time on Guild and Society events. Society Committees include Membership, Administrative Support, Building, Publicity/Marketing, Education, Finance, Sales/Gallery, Governance, Outside Events & Groups.
If Guild members do not volunteer, they will be contacted by the Guild and assigned a specific Society Committee and Guild event or activity.
It is the responsibility of each Guild member to find a replacement (from within the Guild’s membership) if they are unable to meet a commitment for which they volunteered. “No Shows” will not be tolerated and can result in forfeiture of Guild membership.